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Over 20 years of experience - still curious

Vi på Kruso är do'ers - under de senaste 20 åren har vi spelat en viktig roll i den digitala utvecklingen, och vi har tillsammans utvecklat hundratals betydelsefulla tekniska lösningar. Detta har lett till bättre serviceupplevelser för både kunder, medborgare och medarbetare. Våra tekniska lösningar sträcker sig från globala commerce-plattformar, stora CMS-baserade webbplatser till skräddarsydda affärssystem och webb-appar.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of DenmarkSitecore-based subsite solution


Har du någonsin känt att din digitala samverkanspartner missförstått dina krav och behov?

Vi förstår att digital och teknisk utveckling handlar lika mycket om kommunikation och strategisk insikt som faktiska tekniska färdigheter. Det gäller oavsett vilket lösning det handlar om. Alla våra kunder får därav en dedikerad 'Client Lead' som utöver systemarkitekt också blir din strategiska rådgivare och en god vän.

Vi arbetar utifrån en agil metod och en MVP-process som innebär att du snabbt kommer ut på marknaden med den bästa möjliga lösningen, till den lägsta möjliga kostnaden.


  • Site migration or upgrade

  • Architecture Services

  • Agile development

  • CMS Implementation

  • MVP

  • .NET

  • Governance

  • Standardized test and quality assurance

Rosendahl Design GroupGlobal commerce

Technical development and system implementation

We primarily work with the implementation and customization of standard software systems within CMS and Commerce and other similar systems. Our partnerships range from the classic "best of suite systems" such as Sitecore and Optimizly to the newer headless systems such as Contentful, Contentstack, Commercetools and Bigcommerce.

We use agile development methods, where we work with 14-day sprints in fixed teams and structure our projects according to iterative MVP processes. That's how we create the most value in the shortest time.

It is essential for us to deliver the highest quality on the market, which is why we always incorporate comprehensive testing and quality assurance methods as integral elements of a development process, with a test manager assigned to every project in addition to the permanent development team.


CDP, ERP, PIM, Marketing Automation, Booking Engines, DAM, OMS, payment systems or ESDH,, first agenda, Kultunaut, etc. How many integration projects have you been through? At Kruso, we dare say that we have seen most of them. From old-school accounting systems to modern composable and API-based software architectures. We take pride in developing complex data flows across many systems and bringing them together into fully-integrated meaningful digital services for you and your customers.

Bespoke development

We love exploring possibilities and breaking new ground. That's why we're not afraid to move outside the standard systems we usually work with - and all the way "beyond the API". Here, we work on custom development of both data-heavy and large business-critical platforms to smaller plug-ins and modules that extend and bend existing systems to best support your business.

As with our standard systems, we base these solutions on .net and javascript and swear by an open and modular system architecture built as microservices.


Progressive Web Apps (PWA ) is a browser-based approach to mobile platforms that creates fast, reliable and engaging user experiences. By combining the possibilities inherent in the traditional browser-based technology with all the advantages of a mobile experience, you facilitate the work of building efficient conversion flows and more intuitive digital service experiences - all while using less data than if you used a native app. PWA is characterized by extremely fast loading times, the ability to use apps offline, push notifications and installation to your home screen.

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