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CEO & Partner.
Krusader, Köpenhamn.

Ørum Andersen

  • Bassist
  • Team player
  • Son of flower children

Lars is the CEO of Kruso, spearheading the further development of the company since 2016. Lars loves his responsibility of formulating the “what’s next” for Kruso, as much as he enjoys helping clients excel within digital. “The action is in the client relation” as Lars always says. If you ask him where the magic in Kruso comes from, there is no doubt in his mind – Kruso has a phenomenal leadership team and an inclusive and curious company culture allowing each Krusader to play their individual part in the digitalization of our society.

Success is when everybody wins

I am the son of two flower children and grew up in a creative and visionary home. My father is a pedagogue, bass player, artist, writer and provocateur, while my mother as a schoolteacher has fought enthusiastically to rethink the Danish school system in a more free and creative direction.  I have taken that with me. Besides having studied sociology I have been a “part time” bass player since I was 12 years old. I still get around playing a few gigs from time to time.  For egoistic reasons I try to motivate my kids to pick up music too – then they could bring their father on stage, just like my father did. I am not sure I will succeed with that plan, but that is ok. My children are two beautiful and happy young people full of optimism, love and curiosity about life – the world belongs to them.