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Optimize your business with InRiver

The demand for PIM (Product Information Management) has grown tremendously in recent years. That’s no wonder because more and more companies are building an increasingly complex systems structure, more Master Data Repository and a more fragmented business. A business where sale not only works in one channel but suddenly sales with distributors, retail, and customers are changing requirements for handling, packing, and format of product information. Most often we see that ERP systems are bent to meet the increasing variety of ways in which the business is run and the handle of processes that are far from accounting and finances, which is really the primary purpose of ERP.

What can InRiver do for you?

InRiver PIM is exceptionally good at enriching product information and handling it across the business. Anyone with contributions to product information can access InRiver and enrich with content via intelligent and simple methods, as well as a workflow set up to optimize the process and ensure data quality and timeline. There are a number of opportunities for optimizing multiple disciplines in the business, which InRiver is extremely good at supporting. For example, the handling of marketing and content production for campaigns, changes in products or launches are extremely well handled. It is also possible to enrich product data, as well as distribute product data across systems.

InRiver PIM enables you to use your ERP as originally intended and instead build business- and marketing activities in InRiver that are far more flexible and better to handle products, and ensure interaction between your business. It all happens with iPMC, which is InRiver’s web application service, which has nice visuality, is user-friendly, and has an intuitive user interface which is only a plus. The fact that InRiver is a software as a Service, makes implementation easier, and maintenance of integrations almost needless. In addition, the speed is high and upgrades happen automatically. One of the best parts is that it takes a very short time from the development start to a simple but usable installation that can be put into use and therefore optimize the business and create value immediately.

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A digital partnership across boarders.

Illinois Tool Works is, with 100 years of experience and over 600 companies, a global manufacturer of advanced products in the construction industry. As an addition to the massive company, Kruso has since 2019, helped ITW as a digital partner, with a special focus on PIM and CMS for the entire EMEA.