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Segment is a leading Customer Data Platform software and helps over 20.000 businesses collect, clean and activate their customer data. It's in the name, but Segment can do much more than that. It also acts as a link between your systems and platforms, as a data migration tool.

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Why you need a Customer Data Portal

A CDP allows you to track and collect user behavior data in one central place, no matter where it's originating from - server-side, client-side, cloud apps, or social channels. Once all your marketing data, eCommerce data, and in-app data are collected, you will be ready to uncover trends and cohorts that were previously hidden. Acting on these trends and cohorts allows you to deliver the optimal customer journeys, messaging, personalization, and in-app experience your customers expect. Here at Kruso, we believe that a properly implemented CDP is a key enabler for delivering almost any data strategy.

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Strengthen user experience and conversion

With Segment you can manage data flow between systems, secure Master Data Management, and even enrich, collect or accumulate data thus connecting your data across your entire infrastructure. This feature helps ensure that your messages become relevant right down to an individual level. All supported by an amazingly intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to become an expert in personalization and control over your customer data. We at Kruso generally see Segment as one of the tools we can use to increase conversion and enhance the user experience.

How is customer data powering our daily lives?

Segment provides you with the latest insights into the biggest digital trends observed in Europe over the past 12 months - including, the rise of first-party data, increased adoption of CDPs by e-commerce businesses, and much more. This report shares its predictions for Customer Data Platforms in Europe and their increasing importance.

Key takeaways:

  • The continued explosion of customer data

  • Impact of privacy regulations and how a CDP can help

  • How tech stacks have evolved over the past year and what's next


Segment Customer Data Platform Report 2021

  • The CDP Report 2022: Europe

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Trusted partnership

At Kruso, we help to create intuitive reports that put you at the forefront of your organization's marketing by using one of the best data visualization tools available on the market. With Segment, we take raw data and turn it into valuable insights that benefit the entire organization.

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