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Kruso is proud to be a member of FDIH - The Association for Danish Internet Trade.

Stronger terms for e-commerce

Kruso is of course member of the organization FDIH (The Association for Danish Internet Trade). We actively use our membership to strengthen and improve conditions for Danish e-commerce and we are not afraid to enter into an organization which also politically sets its mark on the future of both webshops and suppliers. Among other things, Ole Jensen (CCO for Kruso) is a part of FDIH's Advisory Board for suppliers, with the purpose of being able to influence the development of e-commerce.

We believe that as a supplier we have a direct obligation to provide products and services that highlight the quality of Danish as well as global e-commerce, but we also believe that it is our duty to be in front of the market and immediate demand by anticipating trends and directions in the market. This allowed us to both demand quality, progression and sustainability for our colleagues and the ecosystem that creates the conditions for consumers and webshops. The ecosystem includes both software and service providers, politicians and education.

Denmark is a country with a digital leadership position and we want to keep it that way in both counteracting and co-play with global international players. Kruso is proud members of the FDIH and we are pleased with the cooperation and the opportunities we get for both keeping us current up to date on trends and domain knowledge for E-com, but also for being able to contribute with technically complex solutions and expert advice.