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Why Your Organization Should Go Headless.

Part 2


Okay, so in our previous blogpost Why your organization should go headless – Part 1 we’ve talked a lot about headless CMS systems. We’ve outlined why your organizations should go headless and provided you with a checklist to decide whether a headless CMS system is right for you.

That’s all good, but what about some insights into what a good content platform should be? Say no more – We've got you covered! In collaboration with Contentful, we provide you with 4 factors that describe a good content platform.

4 factors to a good content platform

1. Unified content in a single hub.

With unified content in a single hub, you avoid and eliminate content silos and duplication, which makes editing much faster and way easier. As all your content is now consistent, it can quickly be published across all your channels. Developers benefit greatly from a single hub with all unified content, as the number of CMS’s they need to learn and use is reduced, which streamlines content and improves consistency.

2. Modular, where content can be reused across digital platforms.

With a good content platform, content is stored in logical chunks. With this modular approach, it is much easier to reuse content across different platforms and channels. If the content is structured for reuse creators will save time while the reach and value of content increases.

3. Support collaboration and parallel workflows.

Okay, so we’ve settled on content being modular, but there’s more! With clearly categorized content you enable your employees to work in parallel because everyone knows how the content relates to each other. This allows your content creators to create, edit, preview, and publish content, while developers can build new features, software, etc. This gives your organization a great competitive advantage to work fast and decrease the time to market.

4. Extensible to your needs.

Lastly, it is important to understand that your content needs and preferences are just as unique as your business. Therefore, you should start out with a custom content model, and then integrate your preferred tools and programming language that suits you. It should be easy to continuously modify and change when your needs change. An extensible CMS will make you feel limitless rather than limiting.

Do you know what a good content platform should be like now? Contentful and Kruso can help your organization in creating a good content platform that suits your desired needs! Are you curious to know more? Contact us at Kruso, and then we can help you in creating a good content platform for your organization.

Why you should go headless

There are several benefits when choosing a headless approach for your CMS and commerce platform. Going from a monolith to a composable architecture e-commerce platform could be a game-changer for your business. Why? You get the answer to this and a peek into how it can be implemented in these videos.

Key takeaways from the videos:

  • Why the time is now to make your web platforms headless and move toward a composable architecture

  • Exclusive insights from B2B businesses who have successfully implemented a headless architecture while they share their challenges and successes

  • Learn from the leading technologies providers in the headless space covering content management (CMS), eCommerce platforms, and digital experience platforms