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Krusader, Århus.

Stausholm Simonsen

  • Superhero fan
  • Bob the builder

Morten is like a son of Kruso and has been part of the company for a long time. In his younger years, he had plans to become a pedagogue but quickly rejected that plan after a school internship in a kindergarten - lucky for us! Morten began his adventure in Kruso as a student assistant and then continued as an intern, and when he finished his master as a web developer, he started full time in Kruso.

To make something yourself, from beginning to end, is really cool

I have a huge passion for superhero movies and the whole universe that revolves around the characters. I especially think Batman is a cool character, though I can far from boast of having the same lifestyle. As a kid, I used to spend a lot of time building Lego, which I later found interesting again. Like every other teenager, I found other interests and sold most of my collection, but I am now buying up what I can find and start again! There is something about creating and visualizing things from start to finish that appeals to me a lot - whether it's on-screen or in real life.