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Get a system for your website that your editors will love, and can be adapted for your needs. Umbraco is a modern open source CMS focusing on user-friendliness, and creating a flexible system for managing content on modern websites.

Kruso has a lot of experience with Umbraco solutions. We are excited about the system’s user-friendliness and great flexibility, and the consistent low price is not to bad either.

We can help you with both standard solutions, e-commerce solutions and customized websites in Umbraco. Kruso recommends Ucommerce when you base your website on Umbraco.

Umbraco based standard solutions

Several Kruso standard solutions are based on Umbraco. For example, OPW is a highly tested product for public websites and a couple of evolving frameworks for B2B businesses and educational institutions.

Many of our customers participate in development communities regarding the solutions. They exchange experiences with each other and us, and share the expenses of developing new functions.

Why Umbraco?

Companies and organizations in all sizes use Umbraco for their web and intranet. More than 100.000 websites are built in Umbraco, and more than 70.000 developers do solutions on the platform.

The foundation is Umbraco’s combination of great user-friendliness for editors and almost and endless amount of possibilities for developers.

Umbraco advantages

  • Edit you content fast and easy. Your daily work with content on your website is easy in Umbraco. The system is easy to manage and use.

  • Get a website that fits your needs. Umbraco is built on Microsoft’s .NET. which is a very flexible technology with a large toolbox for developing the functions that you need.

  • Get the freedom of a system built in standard technology. Umbraco is an open source system. One of the advantages is freedom to change development partner, whenever you want.

  • Save the license expenses, and get ownership of the code. Open source means that you do not pay license to access the system. The code, specifically developed for your solution, is your property.

  • Integrate your website with other systems. Umbraco gives you great possibilities to integrate your website with your other systems. It opens new possibilities for your business, or organization.