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#1 in product analytic

Amplitude is the pioneer in digital optimization software. More than 1,400 customers, including Atlassian, Instacart, NBCUniversal, Shopify and Under Armour rely on Amplitude to help them innovate faster and smarter by answering the strategic question: "how do our digital products drive our business?" The Amplitude Digital Optimization System makes critical data accessible and actionable to every team - unifying product, marketing, developer and executive teams around a new depth of customer understanding and common visibility into what drives business outcomes. Amplitude is the best-in-class product analytics solution, ranked #1 by G2.

Digital Optimization System

At its core, Digital Optimization is the continuous feedback loop that powers data-driven digital products and experiences. It uses data to connect what people want to the products and experiences they get.

The Digital Optimization System is the only unified system for data, analytics and personalization to solve the problem of connecting digital products to business outcomes and knowing what investments drive impact. It unifies every team across the organixation with common data and visibility and brings together a new depth of customer understanding with the speed of action required to adapt experiences in the moment.

The Amplitude Digital Optimization System enables teams to:

  • See and understand customer behavior

  • Predict which actions lead to business outcomes

  • Adapt each experience to maximize impact

It's powered by the propretary Behavioral Graph, which instantly joins, analyzes and correlates any customer actions to outcomes that matter - like engagement, growth and loyality.