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Krusader, Copenhagen.

Peter Lærke

  • Problem solver
  • Shawarma consumer
  • Data Technician

When Peter was young, he had dreams about becoming a professional football player and was interested in building computers as a hobby. When he had to choose which path he wanted to pursue in his education, he realized that he was very interested in software and became a Data Technician. Today he works a Kruso as a Backend Developer, where he focuses on building top-notch solutions that exceed the expectations of the customer.

Go to sleep, the solution always come tomorrow morning

When I'm home after a busy day of work, I enjoy a good cup of coffee or eat Shawarma whilst lying on the couch, watching my favourite tv shows. The best advice I can give to others is that if you experience having trouble solving a problem, it might help when your mind is clear and well rested after a good night's sleep.