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Frontend Developer.
Krusader, Göteborg.


  • Cat lover
  • Caring
  • hyperfocuser

Johannes is Kruso's own fighter of the world, who, above all, wants to make our dear planet a better place - "corny as it sounds". Besides this big dream, Johannes is a self-taught coder and great with people. He loves using these skills to help customers create an overview of the unmanageability of the technological world, and help with the hurdles they may face.

I'm passionate about working on the why and how, not only what we create

It's certainly not a lie when I say that my greatest desire is to make the world a better place, and I am convinced that it is more valuable to understand the views of others than to convince them of yours. This agrees well with the fact that I work best in collaboration with colleagues, who posess knowledge, that is different from my own.