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  • Football player
  • IT nerd
  • Curious
  • Popcorn addicted

Johanne has always had a curious approach to life and wanted to explore everything. She uses her curious mind every day in her job as a Frontend Developer when she explores and develops digital concepts for Kruso’s clients. Johanne has a weird addiction to popcorn and even has an exact timing for when they have popped to perfection and not one second less or longer. But you have to take her word on this because you will never get the chance to taste – Johanne does not share her popcorn.

To minds are better than one

My childhood dream was to become a police officer so I could solve mysteries and fight the bad guys. I used to make up my own cases and searched the house for secret rooms and clues that could help me in my investigations. In some way, I still do this today in my work. The projects are my mysteries, and my job is to find information and ideas for new and improved concept developments.