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Krusader, Århus.

Frey Birkmose

  • Mountain Biker
  • Adventurous
  • Experienced Agency Man

Anders is the Managing Director at our Aarhus office, and with more than 20 years in the agency business his experience helps strengthen our projects and our clients’ solutions. But don’t just think that he is stuck behind a desk all day! Anders knows all of the best mountain bike tracks in and around Aarhus, and you have to be fast to keep up. We are excited that he leads the line both on his mountain bike and at Kruso.

Don’t overthink it. Start today. Learn, and go from there

Success to me is being a good person, which I aim to be every single day. I want to use my skills and experience to help others, so for me, the most exciting thing is to create beautiful and effective websites and digital solutions together with skilled people. I always have the customer journey in mind and I enjoy the UX and design process when we discover which functions the website should have.