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Product Recommendation and Optimization of the Buying Experience

Raptor was originally created by a group of talented Business Intelligence consultants who saw the potential of an enriched e-commerce user experience. Due to data modeling, algorithms, and AI, Raptor has quickly created one of the most competent tools for product recommendation and optimization of the buying experience. Raptor's BI approach and focus on individually adapted algorithms, etc. fits perfectly into Kruso's understanding of the enrichment of our e-commerce solutions and our customers' desire for uniquely adapted solutions. 

A partnership build on possibilities and relevans

Kruso uses Raptor for several different purposes and sees tremendous strength in the possibilities of being able to work with the setup and development of the platform yourself. In addition, Raptor is extremely competent to be a component of a complex infrastructure needed to accommodate, for example, global e-commerce solutions or multi-channel solutions, with multiple types of customers, Omnichannel. With a platform that can customize the commerce experience based on individual interaction patterns and digital actions, Raptor can secure relevant content across platforms, with an increased focus on personalization.

Three reasons why

  • Raptor recognizes users and their behaviour across channels and platforms

  • Raptor makes all customer data available through the CDP in all marketing-channels

  • Raptor offer personalized content, product recommendations and optimisation of customer experience