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Gentofte Municipality.

An ambitious and highly creative design from Kontrapunkt, which meets all of the best-in-class demands for web accessibility.

The foundation for the website is built in Umbraco 8.6.2. open-source CMS, which first and foremost ensures a supreme user experience for editors. Further, it is a flexible solution that enables integrations with Gentofte’s servers and is therefore especially suited for Gentofte municipality’s needs.   

Umbraco 8 solution with user-friendliness and web accessibility in focus

In 2019 Gentofte Municipality joined a partnership with Kruso to design their new website.   

Kruso has functioned as a strategic technical partner within design, development, and operations. The key focus area has been to unite a creative design with the great and ambitious demands related to web accessibility.

A sharp balance between design and web accessibility ensures that information search and self-service functions on the website are far more manageable and user-friendly.

Creative website design with a heavy focus on web accessibility

One of the critical areas of focus for Gentofte municipality’s new website was that all citizens should have access to the same content, information, and functions despite a handicap.  

Throughout the process, Kruso has been in close collaboration with the design house Kontrapunkt. With a point of departure in Gentofte municipality’s own UX-design framework, Kruso was a part of the entire UX- and design process. This includes the coordination and counseling of the possible technical setup, so the website had the optimal and relevant functions, ensuring a good user experience for the citizens of Gentofte municipality.

The result is an ambitious and highly creative design from Kontrapunkt, which meets all of the best-in-class demands for web accessibility. 

Umbraco 8 solution with high performance  

Gentofte municipality asked for a unique solution as they have many services and functions for their citizens, and with that point of departure, we developed their solution in Umbraco 8 software.

The foundation for the website is built in Umbraco 8.6.2. open-source CMS, which first and foremost ensures a supreme user experience for editors. Further, it is a flexible solution that enables integrations with Gentofte’s servers and is therefore especially suited for Gentofte municipality’s needs.

The solution works in a load-balance system with a dedicated editing server. Gentofte municipality has its server for editing, which cannot be entered from the outside. Additionally, they now have two servers, physically separated, which their visitors enter, where the load-balance system divides them onto the two servers. This structure and technical solution unite high performance, fast load-time, and a great user experience.  

This ensures a safe deployment process, as Gentofte Municipality can deploy for one server while the other is still fully functional.

Throughout the process, Kruso has acted as a technical partner concerning Gentofte municipality’s hosting, which they are in charge of.

Technical partner  

Throughout the process, there has been a strong collaboration between Kruso, Kontrapunkt, and Gentofte municipality, and the solution speaks for itself. Gentofte municipality can now present a fully functional website that complements and meets all of their needs and offers a web-accessible user interface.  

We have succeeded with a highly ambitious design from one of the country’s praised design houses, which meets the most significant demands and ambitions within web accessibility. Both visually impaired and other impaired citizens enjoy the same inspiring and user-friendly experience as the rest of Gentofte municipality’s citizens.

The updated website has only been live in a short amount of time but has already received much positive feedback from people who have visited the website. Kruso maintains the ongoing operations and support of the website, and we only see this as the first step for Gentofte municipality’s digital journey. We are excited to be a part of the future journey as a technical partner.

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