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Danish Competition and Consumer Authority

An Umbraco 10 multi-site solution with a modern re-design.

The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (KFST) works for better consumer welfare and well-functioning markets, which can stimulate growth and innovation for the Danish society. They enforce competition law, promote competition for public tasks, and contribute to the development of consumer policy.

In autumn 2021, Kruso won the tender for operation and further development of KFST's multisite solution consisting of a total of 11 websites.

Danish Consumer OmbudsmanThorough re-design

Consistency is key

In addition to, KFST supports a large number of sub-sites, including, and - all of which are part of the overall multisite solution.

The solution therefore required a high degree of consistency, which ensures a consistent design DNA on all sides.

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Modern transverse re-design

KFST had an ambition to relaunch all pages in a more modern and up-to-date design that ensures a more intuitive and user-friendly user experience for the pages' various target groups.

For this, we created a new UX design, which was supplemented by a modern UI design, which supports KFST's professional and Nordic DNA. Furthermore, the design process had the Web Accessibility Guidelines in mind to ensure the optimal user experience for all users, regardless of disability or not.

Upgrade to newer Umbraco version

As an active part of the Danish society, security is on top of the agenda at KFST, which is why an upgrade to a newer Umbraco version has been alpha and omega during the project. With Umbraco ending all support of Umbraco 7 after September 2023, KFST will face potential security issues as a result of an outdated software. Therefore, we advised KFST to have the solution upgraded to a newer Umbraco version, which will be ongoing maintained and supported in the future.

Search engine that follows all standards

One of the major technical changes consists of KFST's search engine solution, which was previously custom-made and therefore did not follow Umbraco's standards. This meant that the upgrade to a newer Umbraco version could not be done directly. In the new solution, KFST has received the latest version of Umbraco's search engine, which will also be maintained and supported in the future.

Continued maintenance and future development

After launching the solution, Kruso will continue as active technical partner for KFST and support and maintain the solution. we will continuously be responsible for the implementation of new features and security measures, so that KFST's multisite solution always is presented of highest quality.

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