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Kontakta oss's registration site is live

Skolevalg is an authentically conducted voting process for 8th, 9th, and 10th grades nationwide.

Skolevalg consists of a three-week-long educational program designed as an authentic parliamentary election. Typically, around 80,000 students from approximately 700 schools across the country participate in Skolevalg.

3, 2, 1 - sign up!

In 2022, Kruso was appointed as development partner for the new platform.

Now, Skolevalg's registration site is live and open for sign-ups. On the site, it is possible to register one's school and schedule a debate with the country's youth parties and youth politicians.

The election begins on January 14th, where more than 70,000 students from across the country will gain experience with Danish democracy, what it means to form a political stance, and how to argue for your opinions.

Visit the site here

More things to come

Stay tuned in 2024, when we will introduce Skolevalg's student site (log-in site), where students will engage in three weeks of taking party tests, creating news pitches, learning, explaining, and arguing for an important cause.