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Kruso in agreement with Landsbygge­fonden

Kruso in full-service collaboration for Landsbyggefondens communication and digitalization area.

Kruso and Advice in collaboration

In collaboration with the communication agency Advice, Kruso has entered into a 4-year agreement with Landsbyggefonden, which includes full-service cooperation on the organization's needs in the area of communication and digitization.

During the dialogue, Landsbyggefonden made it clear that they do not aim for a quiet operating process but want to be challenged, which of course makes the perspective on the new collaboration extra exciting.

- CSO, Rune Galschiøt.

The process

As part of the collaboration, Kruso will be responsible for further developing Landsbyggefondens website universe, which currently includes six communication channels, including various subsites, various conference and event platforms, several newsletters, and the use of external and social media. Over the next 4-year period, Kruso's most important task will be to follow initiatives and development projects to the finish line in collaboration with Advice and Landsbyggefonden.