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Climate friendliness at the Digitalization Fair.

Kruso participated in the Digitalization Fair in Odense this year with a clear focus on climate friendliness.

There has long been a widespread mindset that municipalities save money when municipal services are digitised. There is also no doubt that digitisation can helpmake the municipalities' workmore efficient. Therefore, workflows in municipalities have been digitalised, which requires server power, code and PCs for the citizens. On the other hand, few have considered whether digital solutions are developed in a climate friendly manner. 

A climate friendly website for Herning Municipality receives great attention

In 2022, Kruso focused on climate friendliness in connection with developing digital solutions. Among other things, Kruso has developed a climate friendly website for Herning Municipality, which has received much attention. Both in the municipal world and within the digital industry in general. Furthermore, sustainable digitisation was the central theme of Kruso'spresence at the Digitalization Fair in Odense this year. 

"We hear that Herning Municipality is getting a lot of positive publicity because of their new sustainable website, and of course, we are pleased to hear that. As a supplier of digital products for private and public companies, we would like to help put sustainability on the agenda", says Anders Frey Birkmose from Kruso. 

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Sustainable web on the wish list.

Kruso's experiences working with Herning Municipality's sustainable website have led several of the agency's municipal clients to put a sustainable website on their wish list. Also, the sustainability theme made many of the participants at the Digitalization Fair stop by Kruso's stand. 

"Many people stopped for a chat to hear about the possibilities, advantages and disadvantages of thinking sustainability in their web solutions. Thereareseveralways to make web solutions sustainable, both when it applies to existing web solutions and developing new websites from scratch", says Anders Frey Birkmose.

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Sustainability is an essential factor for branding the organisation

Few can doubt that we must think in terms of sustainable solutions. The current energy crisis has just moved sustainability even higher up the agenda. Energy savings are an important reason to think about sustainability, but a sustainable web is also important in relation to an organisation's brand.    

"The advantage of thinking about a sustainable web is not just about sustainability. Sustainable digital solutions are something organisations can use for branding themselves, and we expect that sustainable measures will naturally be an integral part of future digital solutions", says Anders Frey Birkmose.