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Highlights of the Year.

The year has come to an end and it is time to look back. For all our 3 offices 2018 has been a blast with new colleagues, new clients, new partners, challenges, wins – and a lot of fun.

Highlights of the year

2019 has been an eventful and exciting year for Kruso. We have continued to strengthen and specialize in our three main service areas - digital strategy, development, and operations. Acquired new talented colleagues and moved to new cozy and inspiring offices, in both Copenhagen and Malmö. 2019 has also offered morethan ten new customers, and we are here at the start of the new decade with a more robust and ambitious project portfolio than ever before - all with the common goal of moving our customers' core business digitally.

Kruso as an expert business

Kruso is a company designed by digital experts. In 2019, we invested further in strengthening this, both in breadth and depth, in the form of practical experience, training, and certifications. Especially within PIM, Azure Cloud and UX we have movedin 2019, both in terms of consulting as well as development and implementation.

Microsoft Gold Azure service provider

Kruso was one of the first in Denmark to adopt Microsoft's cloud platform seriously, with the first full-cloud establishing PaaS solutions for customers such as Lakrids by Bülow, Horsens Municipality, Steno Diabetes Center and Rosendahl Design Group. This turned us into an MS Gold ASP partner with over 10 Azure clients in the portfolioduring the year.

Commerce and PIM

Commerce is an area that continues to grow with us, and this year has offered several exciting projects, such as Rosendahl Design Group, INCO, and Rigtigmad. Here, PIM has also seriously become part of the palette and is an integral part of our Commerce solutions.

In 2019 we entered into several new partnerships, including with Commercetools and Segment. Commercetools is probably the market's strongest headless Commerce platform as we helped B&O select and roll out as their global Commerce engine. Wehave high expectations for this partnership and the solutions we can create with Commertools in the coming years. Together with B&O, we presented their new case in Amsterdam, at Commercetool's big trade show this fall. 

We are also proud of our partnership with Segment, which we have advised and implemented on clients such as 3shape, Lakrids, and Rosendahl Design Group.

In addition, we have also had time to throw ourselves over the association work at FDIH, and here we are represented on FDIH's Supplier Advisory Board, where our own Ole Jensen contributes to discussing and setting the agenda for Danish E-commerce, politics and supplier responsibility.

Digital strategy and transformation projects

At Kruso, digital strategy and development go hand in hand, and we always strive to find the shortest path from talking about things, to do it - that's where the real and tangible business value lies. In that spirit, we initiated several large and ambitiousdigital transformation projects in 2019, were in close partnership with our customers' digital teams, we have worked to digitize essential and vital parts of their business and workflows. Worth highlighting here are our projects together with Miele, INCO, IKEA, and Helsingør municipality.    

Kruso Sweden

Our Swedish department has grown and has moved to new premises in the inner city of Malmö, just off the small square. We can now count over 12 Krusaders in Malmö, which only two years ago was a clean startup with 1.5 employees. IKEA and Nordlockcontinue their close cooperation with our Swedish team with some ambitious projectsalready on the drawing board for 2020. So stay tuned for more news on that front - heja Sweden.  

New location in CPH

In Copenhagen, we have moved out to Holmen in the city's probably the most exciting, fastest developing, and at the same time, hugely charming area around Broens Gadekøkken - with the Opera and Christianshavns harbor as neighbors. We have moved into the historic listed building "Kuglegården" where we thrive in an exuberant, creative environment with fice other digital / tech companies - then finally look pastduring 2020, then we give you a cup of coffee  

2019 has, in many ways, been a good year for Kruso, which we can thank our manyloyal customers and competent partners for. So dear employees, customers, and partners: Thank you very much for a fantastic 2019. We are sure that by 2020 we willconquer unknown land and hit new heights - we cannot wait at all and will at leastmake our efforts to be among the best in the business continuously.  

Happy New Year.