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GDPR Solution for the Publify Municipalities.

The strength of the Publify coorperation

In the blog post 'Publify cooperation can solve GDPR related challenges' we wrote about the advantages of the Publify municipalities cooperation with Kruso regarding the development of a CMS platform based on Umbraco that can solve the challenges brought on by GDPR. Kruso has just taken a huge step towards solving these challenges by creating a GDPR dashboard. In addition to this, Kruso has also found a way to protect the Publify municipalities users against third party data collection from the social media the municipalities use on their websites.

"GDPR dashboard" grants a data overview on public web solutions

EU's data regulation has given the citizens new, extended judical rights regarding own personal data. "Right to be forgotten" or "Right to (data) portability" are central in this topic. Both of these focus points are now a lot easier to deal with for municipalities in the Publify community because Kruso has just released a dedicated GDPR dashboard on their public Umbraco solutions.

The editors kan now - at the request of the citizen - search for and find data about the citizen on the municipality's website. With just a few clicks the editor can remove this personal data that could be in the shape of formulars, newsletter signups, page subscriptions and other sources of data.

The idea of the GDPR dashboard is to clarify the importance of handling personal data responsibly, by giving the editors tools so they can get a clear overview of the data and take action. For example, a list is shown of the backoffice users who rarely uses their login and therefore potentially could be forgotten and be in conflict with GDPR. Likewise, the dashboard offers an overview of forms, which can contain sensitive information that the editors should be extra aware of. In other words, the GDPR dashboard spares the municipalities editors for a lot of manual work and at the same time supports the citizens right to be in full control of their own data.

Protection against third party data collection

Municipalities can benefit from showing certain extracts from social media on their websites to give the users a glimpse of every day life in the municipality. With Kruso's newest GDPR update (which also contains previously mentioned dashboard), Kruso acts as a proxy so the collection of data from the social media the municipalities use, is done in a safe way that protects the users data from third parties.