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Event Guide Shows its Full Potential.

In collaboration with Aarhus Municipality, Kruso has developed a user-friendly event guide which is both user-friendly for organizers and users.

A strong collaboration

For Aarhus Municipality, it has been important to create awareness of the many events and arrangements that are available to citizens. Aarhus Municipality approached Kruso and asked for a way to present the municipality's many activities on one platform, which could inform the citizens, in an easy and user-friendly way, about what is happening in the municipality. Aarhus had gathered all the municipality's events in an internal event database but wanted a solution that could transfer the data to a user-friendly calendar quickly and easily.

Kruso has developed a module in Aarhus Municipality's Umbraco-solution, which collects all data from the event database and transfers it to the municipality's main calendar AarhusGuiden as well as more than 50 subsites.

The technique behind the solution

APIs have been the key element in making this project possible. An API allows different systems to talk to each other and transfers data between each other. For Aarhus, the primary problem was that they needed a solution on how the data from the event database could be gathered in a web solution.

With the development of AarhusGuiden, this has now become possible and all data entered in the event database can be extracted and implemented in the new calendar module in Umbraco. This shows all the events on the website in one single calendar. Furthermore, you can filter the data that is in the event database, which makes it possible to create individual calendars that only contain selected events that suit a specific subsite's target group.

It is possible to create events in three different ways

  1. Login: Selected event organizers in the municipality have a login they can use to create their events.

  2. Mail: Private individuals have the opportunity to send an email to the municipality, who helps setting up the event.

  3. API: Some event organizers use APIs that can be transferred directly to the database.

A meeting point for all parties

We have talked with Michael Jaap, Head of Communications in Culture and Citizen Services at Aarhus Municipality, who has been part of the process from day one.

“AarhusGuiden has made it much easier for us to create events in the calendar. Organizers can quickly insert the necessary information into the database, after which you have a new event created in the calendar in no time. ” Furthermore, you can quickly create new calendars on our many subsites. Through this, editors can select the events that are relevant to the specific subsite and target group. Especially during the corona crisis, AarhusGuiden has been an essential element in our communication of events. Many events have been moved or canceled, which has been easy to change in the backend. At the same time, we have arranged many new events that take place digitally. In this situation, AarhusGuiden has been particularly beneficial for our citizens, who have had a platform where they have gained an overview of what is happening. ”

For Michael Jaap, this is another step on the way to creating a better and more user-friendly digital service for the citizens of Aarhus Municipality.

I think we owe the citizens to tell them what is happening in the municipality and what their tax money is being spent on.

- Michael Jaap, Head of Communications in Culture and Citizen Services at Aarhus Municipality