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A new corporate micro-site with a scalable foundation

In 2022 Kruso initiated a partnership with Cobham Satcom, in the pursuit to create a micro-site for them within four weeks.

Cobham Satcom enables connection across land and sea, with the mission of shaping the future of connections, by making communication hassle-free, affordable, accessible and secure.

New foundation for inbound lead strategy

In February Kruso was chosen as digital strategic partner for the Global satellite communication company, Cobham Satcom. Cobham Satcom is the enabler of connection across land and sea, whose mission is to shape future of the connectivity by making communication seamless, affordable, accessible, and safe.

Kruso and Cobham Satcom initiated the collaboration with a four-week sprint to build and launch a new corporate micro-site. Within this short period of time, Kruso had to make a solution to help Cobham with their top priority - delivering business value quickly, focusing on building the foundation to their inbound lead strategy by concentrating on core products and verticals.

To meet the needs of the client we cooperated with two of our partners, Uniform and Segment. Using Uniform we integrated Cobham's headless CMS with and then implemented a customer data platform through Segment. The purpose of this was to handle customer data tracking and segmentation.

Faster time to innovation

One of the significant advantages of building web applications headless is a faster time to innovation. Cobham Satcom needed to deliver the new corporate micro-site within a month while still ensuring a scalable foundation for migrating the existing content. Using Uniform's composable DXP approach, were we able to integrate the customer's existing headless CMS ( and a CDP (Segment), all within the customer's deadline.

Aside from the site being built on the latest Jamstack technology for fast site performance and security, Cobham can now utilize personalization, A/B testing, and easy sharing of customer data with all relevant destination apps via their CDP. In the project's next phase, our focus will be on creating business value for Cobham Satcom through site activation and customer engagement.

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