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String Furniture.

Transformation from pure B2B to a combined B2B and D2C company.

In August 2021, we began our collaboration with String Furniture, a versatile Scandinavian design icon created in 1949 by the Swedish architect Nils Strinning. String is a timeless design and can be found in most Swedish homes and all over the world. String Furniture have, in the past, sold their products via resellers, never direct to consumer, D2C. They are a tight organization with big plans, and they needed help to strategically cherry-pick from all possibilities out there to get fast leverage on their investment and launch their own e-commerce shop. 

An organization that starts D2C sales needs expert guidance from people who have done it before, and String avoided many pitfalls by doing so.

- Erik Zingmark, Managing Director, Göteborg

Building a D2C e-commerce site with BigCommerce

Our first assignment was to guide String in its process of setting up a D2C e-commerce site. The first step was to analyse their current software solution including their CMS, website, B2B solution, custom PIM system, and ERP system, to be able to help them with requesting proposals for their new D2C sales channel.  

The next step was to evaluate the short-listed proposals from a time to market, technology, cost, and tech-strategic point of view. As String Furniture’s strategic digital partner, we advised the client to keep the existing website and combine it with a flexible and future proof headless commerce solution. To meet the needs of the client, we chose to cooperate with BigCommerce, using their headless SaaS e-commerce. The existing website was updated with a shopping cart that communicates with BigCommerce via the microservices that we created.  

Kruso built a microservice-based layer between String's different systems and BigCommerce. The microservices are Azure Functions, built with .Net, using message-based communications. A very resilient and scalable solution at a meagre cost.   

Working as a cross-functional team we created a very cost-efficient solution with an extremely fast time to market. We launched the e-commerce site for the first market, Sweden, just after three months, and we are still in the process of launching more markets. 

Timeless design and heritage in an inspirational D2C e-commerce solution

The vision for the site is to let the visitors experience String's brand and proud heritage and be able to buy their products. It should both inspire and be a sales channel that combined tells a story. With the new composable architecture, the site is a place where customers can be inspired and buy the products simultaneously. The business transformation from pure B2B to a combined B2B and D2C company is a significant change with several benefits. For example, String will own the end customer data, which will enable them to start utilizing that knowledge in product development, communication and other customer close areas.      

From now on, our combined focus will be to create a more marketing and inspirational focused website, together with launching D2C in more markets. This is just the beginning of our partnership, as we will together continue to evolve String Furnitures digital journey. 

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