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Cargolux Airlines International S.A. - Global website.

As Europe's largest all-cargo airline, Cargolux is positioning itself as a leading global company in air transport of all shipment types to destinations worldwide. In 2020, the company turned 50 years old and, in this connection, rolled out a new communication strategy in which its online platform plays a central role. Together with the design agency Spring / Summer, Kruso was chosen as a digital partner for the design, development and operation of Cargolux's new global corporate website.

The history

Cargolux became a customer through our collaboration with the digital design agency Spring / Summer. Spring / Summer was responsible for concept, design and front-end development, while our tasks consisted of system architecture, choice of tech stack, and backend development, including all the integrations to 3rd party systems. Finally, we are responsible for ongoing cloud services in Azure and the ongoing further development and operation of the platform.

With the demands a company like Cargolux has for performance and security, the site is built with the best cloud technologies.

- Niels Brinkø, CTO

A solution that focuses on the future

The solution is based on Umbraco as a Content Management System, as well as a number of integrations to Cargolux systems that provide relevant flight data used in the digital services the site offers. In addition to functioning as a classic corporate website, the site offers services that allow its customers to keep track of their fleight status, expected arrival, CO2 consumption and other details. You can see which routes are available and initiate an order from within the site. The solution is operated in Azure Cloud.

Special for the solution is the focus on a very high level of safety and stability in operation. We have worked here with an external security auditing company which has continuously tested the solution. As part of our operations setup, we offer 24/7 support operations and support services with which Kruso is available to Cargolux at all times of the day.

The launch of Cargolux's new corporate website is the start of a hopefully long and exciting collaboration around this global platform and we look forward to developing many more business-critical online services together with Carolux digital and marketing team.

- Lars Ørum Andersen, CEO