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With Contentful's scalable SaaS platform, we create highly efficient back-office user interfaces that enable teams to perform at their very best. Working with a flexible content platform such as Contentful greatly accelerates the speed of output for content creators, editors, designers, and marketers, creating a long-term competitive advantage as a great digital workplace supports them so they can perform at the top of their game.

As time-to-market is increasingly important, continuous adaption to new customer demands and technologies is of utmost importance within software development. An agile digital process that enables an effective and flexible way to add or develop new services and offers to the market is necessary to ensure long-term success.

An API-based platform such as Contentful supports this agile, digital work process which increases profitability as every new iteration and improvement requires less development time than would be the case with a back-office that isn't tailored for your organization's workflow.

A Headless CMS Platform

Contentful is a headless CMS platform where all services/applications communicate through API’s. The platform provides the central hub for creating, editing, and managing your content, and the tools to publish it on every digital channel.

Content and presentation are kept separate making the content reusable on every digital channel. Structured content also makes it easier for different teams to work independently in different spaces, without being constricted to webpages, which usually is the case within CMS systems.

The architecture allows additional systems to be updated or replaced with ease, significantly lowering your cost and risk as your platform evolves over time. New features can be developed, added, and published through any channel very quickly and on a continuous basis. Contentful is gaining success in most of Europe and the US with Kruso as one of its experienced partners in the Nordic market.

Whether it's time to update your existing CMS system or to do a complete re-platforming, Kruso and Contentful can help you make the move to a future-proof and fully scalable API based cloud platform that enables you to move faster than your competitors, whatever direction you choose to move into in the future.

Mystery ClientCMS strategi

The possibilities with Contentful

Read about our highly adaptable take on the structure of the Contentful platform for one of the largest retailers within their business on the global market.

A solution supported by an intelegent CMS strategy and headless flexibility.

Bang & OlufsenVarumärkes- och handelsplattform

Contentful solution

Read how we helped Bang & Olufsen with the digitization of their new strategy, which included the development of a new global brand and commerce platform based on a content-filled solution.

Through a 4-month consulting phase, we helped Bang & Olufsen define their digital and technical strategy and formulate an overall technical roadmap for the global brand and commercial solution.