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  • Always smiling
  • Tea lover
  • Quick learning
  • Counter strike player

Philip works on everything that you do not notice when visiting a website. Basically, a job that makes it possible to visit any website. He loves to show up as the first one in the office and open his computer while the sun rises outside. He has an incredible ability to acquire new knowledge and learning new code languages at the speed of light, but most importantly, he always runs around with a wide smile on his face.

I believe that being a good developer at Kruso is so much more than just being good at programming

To begin with, I studied Computer Science because I liked playing video games, and I thought it would be cool to create them myself. For a short period, I worked for Coding Pirates, where my fellow student and I have been teaching kids about programming. Today, I just love to create something that brings value to other people and to be able to say: “I’ve created that thing!” I have never had a huge need for coffee, even though it is usually a part of being a developer who spends many hours in front of the screen. I prefer tea and only seek the coffee pot in case of extraordinarily tired days.