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CTO & Partner.
Krusader, Köpenhamn.


  • Mountain biker
  • Phone addicted
  • Breakfast person
  • Technical

As CTO Niels has his hands in a lot of different projects, which means he spends a lot of his day talking with clients and sparring with colleagues. If he is not at work or with his family, you can be sure he is out cruising on his mountain bike. So, if you need any good places to ride your bike Niels is your man!

The future is digital

I have always been taking my toys apart, trying to figure out how they were put together and how they worked. So naturally, when the time had come to choose my career path, I chose to study IT Engineer. What I do today is much like what I did when I was a kid. When we meet difficulties in a project, we take everything apart to understand the problem and then fix it, and that is when work is most exciting.