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Krusader, Köpenhamn.


  • Crossfitter
  • Counter Strike player
  • Coldplay fan
  • Traveler

Mathias wants to push his boundaries and grow himself as an individual. He has an everlasting desire to experience new adventures and dreams of traveling the world and curiously exploring his way through various culinary dining experiences. His latest adventure began in January 2021, where he joined Kruso as a backend developer to help us explore the world of software and solve complex problems for our clients.

Life is a game - play to win

Entering a new job is not just a new place to do my work. I value a social atmosphere and gatherings with my colleagues. For me, to feel comfortable and motivated to go to work, it is essential to build up synergy with the people around me. I think this has been done very nicely at Kruso especially considering the current circumstances.