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Storegaard Nielsen

  • Problemsolver
  • Curious
  • Caring

Louise actually started in the world of design, housing and sales, but she lacked challenge and therefore turned to the developer profession. Louise is a great example of a frontend'er with a vision, a driving force and an 'open-minded' approach to the issues and projects that are put in front of her. She is a true Krusader who understands and believes that challenges are a prerequisite for her own learning and development in her profession, but also as a person. She seizes the day with a constant desire to learn and develop within the digital universe.

I am proud to be part of Kruso, where we strive to be the best and aren´t afraid to be firstmovers in exciting new technologies and tools.

As a frontend developer, I like the so-called "squid role", which allows me to wear many hats during a workweek. Before I came to Kruso, I worked freelance - and it means a lot to have a team around me now, opposite to my freelance job. I could not dream of locking myself in a box and sticking to one thing - it's getting too static for me. Therefore, I also believe that in this subject, we must embrace that we have to educate ourselves every day - and make sure that we know all the new technologies and tools in the field.