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Optimization of performance

Developed of website performance management system intended to accelerate site delivery time. Uniform offers site optimization stacks that help reduce the page load time, increase personalization speed, and leverage existing tools used for marketing, enabling companies to provide a better online experience to their end customers.

Uniform allows a brand to make changes to its stack as soon as an issue is identified. You don't need to wait until the issue is a critical problem to act. And Uniform enables you to introduce stack changes without the major interruptions that come with re-platforming. Incremental re-platforming is possible because this is precisely what Uniform is designed to do: let customers add/remove/change their stack on their own terms.

Supports existing partners

Uniform makes it simple to make Sitecore-sites faster: Select a static site generator. Select a CDN. Manage content using Sitecore. Uniform handles everything in between.

For Contentful solutions, Uniform makes it possible to control all aspects of personalization directly from Contentful without any need to open external tools. Uniform provides an extensive list of conditions you can use as triggers for personalization.