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Data-Driven Success.

Unlock the power of data. In today's digital landscape, data is the fuel that drives informed decision-making and empowers businesses to gain a competitive edge.

At Kruso, we believe that to be competitive in any industry, you need to make your data an integral part of your overall business strategy. Using data the right way lets you uncover unserved user needs, unlock untapped efficiencies and understand unseen user behavior. With a scalable data architecture at the center of your business systems, you will be able to utilize previously siloed data and gain insights that will bring you to the next level.

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Start your data journey right by choosing a Customer Data Portal

Choosing the right technology is never easy, especially when the decision is in an area as new and complex as customer data. Here at Kruso, we believe that a properly implemented customer data platform (CDP) is a key enabler for delivering almost any data strategy. A CDP allows you to track and collect user behavior data in one central place, no matter where it's originating from - server-side, client-side, cloud apps, or social channels. Once all your marketing data, eCommerce data, and in-app data are collected, you will be ready to uncover trends and cohorts that were previously hidden. Acting on these trends and cohorts allows you to deliver the optimal customer journeys, messaging, personalization, and in-app experience your customers expect. Take the first step in your journey and learn more about what customer data platform actually is.

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Data Architecture & Infrastructure

Build a scalable data infrastructure that lets you worry less about data integrity and more about getting value out of your data. No matter where you are on your data journey, we can help you take the next step, be it setting up tracking, cleaning up messy data, integrating between business systems, or making data available to the broader organization. No matter what type of digital solution you are building, understanding your users will always be vital to building a product or service that continues to bring them back.

Whether you are building a CMS system, an eCommerce solution, or a marketing site, our solutions let you set up a data foundation that puts the customer in the center while allowing for product-centric views. Collect context-rich and meaningful data on your customers and their interactions no matter where they are in the customer journey. Streamline your data pipelines and ensure the correct data reaches the right destinations at the right time. Let's start out by giving you 6 steps to Data Analysis.

More than one perspective

While understanding the customer perspective can give value, it often doesn't tell your organization the whole story. Seeing things from a product perspective can be equally as important. Through our expertise in e-commerce solutions, we understand the value of product information when marketing and selling products. By combining customer and product data in your data strategy, you can achieve a complete overview of what products move your business forward.


  • Customer Data Portal

  • Data Tracking Plans

  • Platform Selection

  • Product Information Management

  • Technology Roadmap

Analytics & insights

Whether you want to get up and running fast with out-of-the-box reporting tools or build a single source of truth dashboards for your entire organization, our solutions turn your raw data into valuable insights.

We can help you create intuitive reports that put you in the driver's seat of your marketing organization using best-in-class data visualization tools combined with managed ETL services and data pipelines.


  • Dashboards / Visualization tools

  • Product & Marketing Analytics tools

  • Data pipelines & ETL

  • Data warehouses

Marketing Automation & Personalisation

Are you looking to get more out of your marketing automation? With the right combination of tools, you can orchestrate automated multi-channel campaigns with ease. With our help, you can set up specific cohorts and tailored flows based on quantitative and qualitative first-party (and third-party) data that reach your customers wherever they interact with you.


  • User journey mapping

  • User flows

  • Rule-based personalisation

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