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Danish Consumer Ombudsman

Thorough re-design of the visual expression.

The Danish Consumer Ombudsman is an independent authority that supervises companies' compliance with the Marketing Practices Act and other consumer protection legislation. In its work, the Consumer Ombudsman takes into account the interests of consumers in relation to the Marketing Practices Act and other consumer protection legislation. Additionally, the Consumer Ombudsman works to promote consumer awareness of their rights and strengthen efforts against companies that do not comply with the law.

Danish Competition and Consumer AuthorityMultisite solution

Part of a larger multisite solution.

The Consumer Ombudsman is part of a larger multisite solution for the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (KFST), which consists of a total of 11 subpages.

The solution involves a comprehensive re-design of all the pages and an update to a newer Umbraco software, which ensures that KFST is protected against potential security issues caused by outdated software. It also enables future maintenance and support for the system.

Towards a new visual DNA

The Consumer Ombudsman had a clear desire to give their visual expression a makeover with a modern look that would also provide them with more personality and a unique identity, ensuring greater awareness and recognition.

We evaluated the existing solution based on well-established usability heuristics and were able to formulate hypotheses regarding fundamental generic usability challenges in the solution. Additionally, we evaluated the Consumer Ombudsman's digital visual identity and brand value using a range of objective criteria such as "contemporary design parameter", "visual language of authority", "web-era", and so on.

The previous design was characterized by a very flat structure that did not inspire users to delve into the content of the site. We identified this as an opportunity for improvement and consequently developed a new design consisting of multiple modules that break the page into smaller sections, making it more dynamic and engaging to scroll through. The new design also ensures easier navigation and understanding of the site.

Expression creates impression, even for an authority

Good design is aesthetically coherent. An aesthetically coherent product will often be perceived as more user-friendly compared to one that is functionally sound but aesthetically weak, regardless of its functional strengths.

For the nerdy reader, you can read more about the aesthetic-usability effect here.

Realizing the potential in the UX layer, which facilitates the functionality of a digital product, is highly dependent on the aesthetic quality in the UI layer. Aesthetic attractiveness creates attraction, and attraction generates and maintains engagement.

5 tips for UX design for public websitesKnowledge

Moving design DNA

The new design DNA includes a new color scheme, font family, icon designs, and other elements that together give the Consumer Ombudsman a visual expression reflecting tradition, seriousness, and credibility.

The color scheme consists of shades of gray complemented by a deep Bordeaux color, which references both the Danish flag and the Danish state as a unified entity. The font family complements the sleek design with narrow and simple uppercase letters, which are also reflected in the new icon designs.

Efficient design process through agile co-creation methods

The new is the product of a blended design process, where Kruso's team of UX & UI specialists gradually developed the new solution design through an iterative model. The design team worked closely with the Consumer Ombudsman's product owners and subject matter experts, who were involved in regular review sessions. This open and inclusive model ensured scalability in the concepts and provided a free and exploratory forum for the Consumer Ombudsman's team to articulate ideas and concerns, which were subsequently investigated.

The design effort resulted in a comprehensive design specification, including:

  • User story catalog and user journey flows

  • Interactive design prototype (Information architecture, basic navigation concept, micro-interaction concepts, CTAs, etc.)

  • New digital CVI/basic design with corporate typography, color palette, iconography, grid/spacing, animation, transitions, etc.

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