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Kemp & Lauritzen.

Imagine a future where you can commute to and from work without impacting the climate. That is the future we are working to make a reality.

Kemp & Lauritzen are at the forefront of the technical revolution, with deep roots in Danish engineering. Their history spans more than a century of innovation, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Their latest digital presence is a tribute to this legacy, showcasing not only their extensive range of electrical, plumbing, and ventilation solutions but also their visionary steps towards a smarter, greener future.

A new chapter in branding for Kemp & Lauritzen's visual journey

In an era where corporate identity and visual presence have never been more crucial, Kemp & Lauritzen have taken an ambitious step into the future with a comprehensive rebranding of their identity. This new chapter in their history is by no means a superficial change but a transformation that reflects their vision, values, and forward-looking approach. With the launch of their renewed identity, Kemp & Lauritzen have embraced a refreshing and cohesive visual strategy that extends from the smallest email template to the large vehicles, uniforms, logos, posters, and internal sites.

This strategic renewal emphasizes a clear focus on usability and accessibility, which has become the core of Kemp & Lauritzen's new digital platform. By placing user experience at the center of their online presence, Kemp & Lauritzen not only signal their focus on meeting their customers' needs but also an understanding of the importance of navigating the digital world with ease and efficiency. The technical complexity that has traditionally dominated the industry has been replaced with a more accessible and intuitive approach, reflecting a renewed focus on innovation and customer orientation.

The visual communication and brand identity, created in collaboration with Kontrapunkt, a leading player in UI and design, have transformed Kemp & Lauritzen's digital and physical presence.

Through a blend of creative collaboration and thoughtful brand strategy, Kemp & Lauritzen have not just updated their look - they have reinvented it. This transformation is far more than cosmetic – it is a part of their brand narrative, marking a new chapter.

Technological advancement for Kemp & Lauritzen's advanced web platform

When Kruso started the project with Kemp & Lauritzen, the ambition was clear: to create a web platform that not only meets today's demands for technology and security but also offers great usability.

A key part of the project was to ensure that the platform was future-proof. This means that we built it so it can easily grow and change along with the company's needs. Think of it as building a house with the option to easily add more rooms as the family grows. We have made it possible for Kemp & Lauritzen to customize and develop their platform, so they can always be one step ahead and offer what their customers need – from self-service to new features. Which is just the beginning of an exciting journey.

At the heart of the solution lies a tailor-made Azure infrastructure, designed to support advanced web functions while ensuring unshakeable data security and full compliance with GDPR. This foundation has enabled the development of an Umbraco solution that stands out with its auto-scaling and dedicated web apps for Content Management and Content Delivery – a true game-changer for efficiency and user customization.

Azure Front Door has been used to optimize security and routing solutions, while Terraform and GitHub Actions have been introduced to revolutionize infrastructure management through advanced automation. These technical choices reflect an in-depth understanding of how essential it is for a platform to be beyond the ordinary.

The frontend, meticulously developed with TypeScript and SASS (BEM) and refined with Vite as a build tool, offers a user experience that is both intuitive and immersive. Through smart use of Razor views and TypeScript for certain parts of the website, navigation is both fluid and tailored to the user's needs, making it easy to delve into Kemp & Lauritzen's content.

This project demonstrates the value of uniting cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of users' needs.

At Kruso, we have had a really good collaboration with Kemp & Lauritzen. They have shown us great trust by letting us handle the solutions, and this has enabled us to create something both modern and powerful that truly meets their needs. They have been open to our ideas and have believed that we have chosen the best solutions for them. This has provided them with a solution that can grow with them. We have found it easy to communicate and solve tasks efficiently during the six months we have worked together. It has been a collaboration where good communication has made a big difference.

- Leo Sicard, Client Lead, Kruso

We have had a really good experience in our collaboration with Kruso, where the communication has worked well and both parties have been flexible, so we have achieved a really good result. We are proud of our new website and happy that the path to it went as planned and without major challenges along the way.

- Liselotte Ørum, Senior IT Projektleder, Kemp & Lauritzen A/S

Innovative collaboration behind the digital transformation

The collaboration, driven by a shared passion for making things smarter and more accessible, proved to be the key to a digital transformation that truly makes a difference. It was not just a project; it was a journey where each partner contributed the best from their world, and together they created a solution that is as innovative as it is user-friendly.

When Kemp & Lauritzen decided to leap into the era of digital transformation, they did so with Kruso and Kontrapunkt by their side. This partnership proved to be as down-to-earth as it was visionary.

At the heart of this transformation was the understanding that building a solid digital platform requires more than just technical skills. It requires teamwork, trust, and a willingness to listen and learn from each other.

This collaboration underscores that when people come together around a common vision, they can create something that not only changes a website but also has the potential to change the way we think about digital interaction.

When a new website boosts internal processes and development

A new website that not only looks good but works even harder behind the scenes.

When Kemp & Lauritzen set out to renew their digital presence, the goal was clear: to create a platform that not only updated their online facade but truly transformed and strengthened their internal working processes and enabled flexible further development of the website's content and features. This means less time spent juggling external resources and more time to focus on what they do best. The platform is designed to be so flexible that the team can easily adapt and develop the content, keeping the website fresh and relevant.

This sets a new standard for how companies can use digital innovation to improve their internal efficiency and creative output. By emphasizing internal processes and development, Kemp & Lauritzen show that the right website is not just a window to the world but a catalyst for growth and innovation internally.

Kruso has helped us by structuring the process in a way that was easy for us to understand, while making our participation as easy as possible. We had ongoing dialogue and handled the challenges together. This means we now have a solution we can build on and adapt ourselves as we develop as a company.

- Liselotte Ørum, Senior IT Projektleder, Kemp & Lauritzen A/S


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