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Optimisation of the sign-up flow for Coop's member program.

Coop is Denmark’s largest retail company running more than 1200 supermarkets across Denmark. Coop Danmark is owned by a cooperative consisting of all their 1.6 million members, putting their member program at the heart of the organisation.


In 2017 Coop had ambitious growth plans for its member program. The old sign up flow was yielding dramatic drop-offs and only very low conversion rates. The signup flow did not meet modern consumer’s expectation and a radical revitalization was needed to secure the best conditions for the planned member growth. Technically, the signup flow was not integrated properly in the rest of Coop's digital platform resulting in inefficient management and maintenance.


We gathered one blended and fully agile team across Coops own digital departments, the design company Katja Therese and Kruso’s Umbraco team and placed them in a war room at Coops premises. The task was to define, develop, test and launch the new sign up flow within one 3-week sprint. And we made it! The first version went live end February 2017, still being tested before rolling out to all visitors coming to Additionally, the whole solution has been migrated on to the central Umbraco platform where the rest of the site is managed.


The new sign up flow has become a significant uplift in user experience and design focusing on clear conversion drivers and a simple flow. Management and maintenance have never been more efficient by consolidating the signup flow into the main Umbraco platform.

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