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Project Manager.
Krusader, Copenhagen.

Simone Ryle

  • Chocolade addicted
  • Humorous
  • National Jitterbug Champion

Simone has a natural skill for taking the role of project leader. She first experienced this when, as a young woman, she taught and trained children to dance. The best thing was to compose the choreography and finally see the result in the dance show. Now the dance choreography has been replaced with technical terms and the children have been replaced with passionate colleagues and exciting customers. Still, for Simone, the goal is the same: making all parts come together in one unit.

I love to work with different kinds of personalities

Life is not just about reaching the goal, and you cant measure success only through a good result. It is just as much to be thriving in the process to get there. If you do what you love, I am sure the results will follow.