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CSO, Creative Strategist & Partner.
Krusader, Copenhagen.


  • Hippie
  • Dare devil
  • Loves home baked bread
  • Go-getter

As a creative strategist, Rune knows how to think outside the box when we need to develop visual and graphic ideas for our clients. He loves a challenge and deems that the most exciting process is the problem phase itself, where you have to identify the current problem in a project and then come up with a solution. In addition to solving the problems he encounters in his work, Rune is always ready for a conversation about the world's existential unanswered questions. 

The future is vegan

When I get home, I like to stretch out in all kinds of weird positions. I always finish the day with my kids summarizing what things they have experienced that have given them something for their brain, their body, and their soul. And yes, I am knowingly grooming them to become hippies.