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Bjerknæs Larsen

  • Loves to read
  • Loves animals
  • Computer geek
  • Structured mindset

As a young girl, Nina started playing computer games, and luckily for us, her interest in games affected her choice of education. As project manager one of Nina’s biggest strengths is her structured mindset ensuring all projects run smoothly and all bumps are ironed out. Even when Nina is totally swamped with work, she is never too busy to give you a smile and a high five when being at the office!

Success is when things are running smoothly

As a kid we always had pets at home and most of my time I spend feeding and taking care of them which naturally made me dream of being a veterinarian. I still have pets, but the dream of being a veterinarian has come to an end. Now one of my biggest dreams is to travel the world, and especially to experience the Northern Lights.