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Kragelund Nielsen

  • "Jyde" in the big city
  • Versatile
  • The office critic

Mikkel is a good mix of realistic and direct, which we at Kruso believe classify him as the perfect Jutland addition to the Copenhagen office. His life in the childhood town in Himmerland mainly consisted of sports, such as handball and gymnastics, and several hours in front of the computer screen, where he played C64. This life still follows Mikkel, who, in addition to spending time with his children, has fallen for the frisbee sport Ultimate and the computer game ‘Satisfactory’.

10 cups a coffee a day, never hurt nobody

What I like most about my work as an IT consultant are the many different areas of work that I get to work with every day. It´s a good mix of challenging and exciting and allows me to work with almost everyone in the office.