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Marketing Specialist.
Krusader, Köpenhamn.


  • Liverpool supporter
  • Creative
  • DJ

Mark is Kruso's proudest Fynbo with a beating heart for football. Every Monday morning, he gives a summary of the weekend's matches, so everyone is aware of what is happening in the world of football, even though the commitment from his colleagues is rarely at the same level. He has also taken responsibility for the music at the office in Copenhagen. However, there are daily questions about whether he is the right man for the job, but it is not something he gets influenced by and continues as if nothing has been said. Mark may still be an ugly duckling at some points, but we still believe he is on his way to become a big beautiful swan.

The lunch will always be more important than the snacks

I love to bring joy and happiness to the office and hear what the others are up to during the day. Marketing can sometimes seem a bit superficial, compared to a developer who delivers billable hours during a whole day, but it is still a job I love and a place I can unfold my creativity in my own way.