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Krusader, Århus.


  • Circus artist
  • Loves nature
  • Coordinated
  • Self-builder

Leo is Kruso's French explorer, who came to Denmark in 2003. With a background as a former circus artist, he manages to juggle several projects while always keeping track. He also shows talent outside the circus tent, with his ability to understand customers' needs and come up with well-thought-out solutions planned from A to Z. He strives to never let anyone down, and is constantly learning new things along the way.

As any other french, I can’t go a day without butter and cheese

I was born and raised in France and came to Denmark as a young man. Before I went into the tech industry, I had a somewhat different profession. I have studied Circus Art in Copenhagen and worked as a juggler. I had to give up the dream of becoming a circus artist due to a back injury and change careers for a job that did not require daily somersaults. A shift I have not regretted ever since and my everyday life is still almost as nerdy as when I was a juggler.