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Krusader, Copenhagen.


  • Coffee addict
  • Recovered gamer
  • Grill master

Lars starts every morning by grinding a portion of beans and enjoying a good cup of coffee before the rest of the family wakes up. Lars works as a backend developer and finds it exciting to be able to use technology to solve real-world problems. He is pragmatic by nature, and after many years in the industry, he has gathered a lot of experience in building complex solutions as well as making qualified suggestions on where to invest a little extra.

Don’t be an asshole to others

I am from when you learned to code in assembler on the Commodore 64, also known as the bread box. I am good at enjoying the small things and cultivating the trivial things in my everyday life. I can talk for an incredibly long time about the best way to grill a chop or how my bike ride to work went. When I am allowed to have "me" time, I spend it on the terrace or at the gym.