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Frontend Developer.
Krusader, Malmö.


  • Creative
  • Footballer
  • Internet Explorer 11 hater
  • Sichuan hot lover

André has a Master's Degree in Art and has worked as a sound engineer and technical assistant. Today, André uses his broad background and creative mind in his work as a frontend developer and can look at problems from different angles. For the future, he hopes the greatest impact in the industry will come from companies that have high ethical, social and environmental standards in the work they do. 

The future is hopefully greener

When I come home, I love putting some sweatpants on and listen to music. However, nothing is better than coming back to the office the next day. I am very enthusiastic in my work, and I always try new things to come up with the best solution. I get challenged every day and we have constantly new problems to solve.