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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

An international and strategic important solution revitalized.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark handles foreign affairs, safety policy and trade policy of Denmark.The ministry has approx. 1350 employees of which 850 works in Copenhagen and 500 abroad.


In 2016 we got the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark as our client. The main mission was to reshape and rebuild their entire Sitecore platform into a modern and comprehensive international governmental website. The new platform has to consolidate a wide range of subsites, and not at least apply to all global standards within data protection, web security and accessibility. During 2020 we are delivering a massive upgrade of the entire system to latest sitecore version.


After our first upgrade the site was based on Sitecore 7.2. It consolidates a wide range of the ministries subsites enabling extensive reuse of content and functionality across departments. At the same time, we are optimizing backend with much more efficient workflows and smart automation securing efficient content handling and not at least optimal data security. During 2019 and 2020 we are conducting a major upgrade to the entire system to latest Sitecore 9 version. A complex project at scale that has to live up to all regulations and highest standards within modern public digitalisation.


For more than four years we have taken care of this platform which is probably one of Denmarks largest and most important Sitecore installations. We have not only upgraded and supported the entire system, we have also modernized and automated vital parts of the core technology and work flows. The site today works as a complex and comprehensive multisite portal based on all latest Sitecore technologies and latest software versions.

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