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The Danish Parlia­ment.

Takeover, operation and further development of the Danish Parliament's comprehensive Sitecore multisite portal solution.

The Danish Parliament is where all legislation in Denmark is determined and administered by the 179 elected members of the Parliament and the entire Parliament organization. The Danish Parliament's administration consists of over 400 employees who handle all communication tasks for the public and political Denmark and the country's citizens in general.


In July 2020, Kruso was chosen as the Danish Parliament's new digital supplier to take over, operate and further develop the Danish Parliament's comprehensive Sitecore multisite portal solution. It is based on Sitecore 9.1 and primarily operates, and as well as several subsites and integrations to the Danish Parliament's internal systems. After a thorough and successful takeover process in the summer of 2020, we have taken over the responsibility for the solution, which we currently operate and further develop with a dedicated team.


After completing the acquisition phase, we have begun to formulate a long-term roadmap. This includes serval projects such as a full upgrade to the latest Sitecore versions, new subsites, new functionalities and modules, smarter integrations to third-party systems, and general refactoring of obsolete code. Finally, we have initiated a strategically based UX and design process that works with continuous optimization of the user experience of the site and the individual services.

Kruso's role

Kruso is today - and for the next 4-8 years - the Danish Parliament's primary digital partner and supplier with responsibility for technical operation, development, and support of the entire Parliament's Sitecore-based websites, including strategy consulting, UX, and design optimizations.

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