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Sæther Professionals.

SÆTHER Professionals is one of the Nordic's strongest distributors of beauty products on an ambitious digital growth journey.

SÆTHER is, with more than 30 years of experience, one of the Nordic's strongest and most experienced distributors of beauty products for hairdressers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. The main office is located in Denmark with a local presence in all of the Nordics, where they offer expert counseling and customer service directly to their many clients.

Independent e-commerce solution for SÆTHER Professionals

Our journey with SÆTHER started in 2020, focusing on building an independent B2B webshop for SÆTHER Professionals, with hair products in focus and where the user experience for hairdressers and other buyers all comes together. The challenge was introducing a digitally young organization and its clients to a commerce solution as their future and primary webshop. Besides designing and developing the site, Kruso’s main task was to help and consult SÆTHER through a fundamental digital transformation. Further, to ensure and support their strong position and growth ambitions as a distributor in the Nordics.

Scalable webshop with user-friendliness in focus

SÆTHER is based on Dynamicweb’s Rapido framework. The process is deeply rooted in the user experience and started with a comprehensive strategic UX work. This included a thorough gathering of information in terms of client interviews, desktop research, and workshops with relevant persons at SÆTHER. Then the webshop was technically developed in close and agile collaboration with SÆTHER and Dynamicweb.

Dynamicweb’s all-in-one platform offers both “best-in-class” CMS, webshop, and PIM in one solution and fulfills a lot of SÆTHERs needs in one solution, which is a perfect start for a digitally “young” company like SÆTHER Professionals. Further, Dynamicweb’s latest version is built in a modern and open architecture that ensures an effective scaling of future solutions.

As this is SÆTHER Professionals’ first webshop, we have focused on a close dialogue and support of SÆTHER. This included a sparring- and educational process, where Sæthers editors across the Nordics have been educated in the many opportunities and functions of the webshop as they were implemented.

We needed a partner to help us develop a B2B solution for SÆTHER Professionals. We chose Kruso because they were the best and we have no regrets. It has been an outstanding collaboration between the parties throughout the process.

- Birger Von Holdt, General Manager, SÆTHER

B2B webshop with Dynamicweb as a foundation

Sæther's new B2B webshop is a strong foundation that serves as the perfect digital transition from 0 to webshop. The choice of Dynamicweb and Rapido's framework fits perfectly for SÆTHER and their needs for a webshop, as it has allowed for a flexible frontend and a quick implementation. Further, many significant B2B upgrades are available in the system, enabling a future escalation of their e-commerce.

We look forward to a continued strong collaboration, and we are proud to be a part of Sæther's ambitious growth journey.

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