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A modern Best-of-Breed tech architecture, including a comprehensive Klarna payment integration.

Ridestore has since its start in 2016 become one of Sweden’s leading pure play online fashion and sportswear stores. The company currently operates in more than 70 markets with a multi-brand portfolio including everything from snowboards, skis, outdoor apparel, and streetwear. The company’s mission is to empower the creativity of its customers, a winning recipe that has left Ridestore with a turnover close to half a billion SEK.

New and flexible digital payment solution

In particular, we are proud of our newly launched Klarna and commercetools integration. Ridestore's successful expansion into North America and other parts of Europe have resulted in a need for a new and more comprehensive payment solution. After a thorough market screening, Ridestore decided to base this on Klarna Payment Solution. The choice was based both on the modern tech architecture provided by Klarna, enabling an even complex integration at ease and not least their market-leading feature set in terms of payment options for consumers. The entirely API based integration was launched during summer 2021, getting a wide range of Klarnas main functionalities into play together with commercetools – enhancing the consumers shopping experience.

Do you need a Klarna X commercetools integration?

Besides strengthening Ridestore's online shopping experience, we have built up both experience and a solid toolset to be used in any integration between Klarna and commercetools. This means you do not have to start all over, resulting in lower costs and faster time to market.

It’s all about teamwork

We are specialists that help our partners solve complex technical problems either by taking on the full project or supplementing our clients’ teams with our expert knowledge. This case is all about teamwork, where we have become a trusted partner and advisors for Ridestore - a true BFF. We value this partnership very much since it allows us to grow stronger together while creating value for our client.

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