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Nord-Lock Torque­lator.

A Progressive Web App as a first step towards the digital transformation of a global group.

Nord-Lock Group is the world leader in secure bolting solutions with products that are used in a range of critical applications, like wind turbines, high-speed trains, and rollercoasters. Their customers include many of the world’s most respected companies who put their trust in Nord-Lock Group, in great part due to their deep technical knowledge and the first class support they provide.


Even for Nord-Locks expert customers, knowing which exact torque and preload that is necessary to safely secure their bolts is a tough task. This caused frustration among the customers as well as time-consuming support issues for the organization. There are a lot of factors that affect the required torque, such as material, bolt size, grade and lubrication. The solution should be available in several different languages, as Nord-Lock works on several markets. Furthermore, many of Nord-Locks products are used on locations where there’s no access to Internet. How could Nord-Lock help make this calculation easily available to all of their customers?


We instantly found that our agile way of working, using the SCRUM framework suited all parties very well. The project was carried out together with Poetry (who provided the UX and design) and Nord-Lock in two-week sprints. For this project, we used an MVP approach, which was defined according to a MOSCOW model workshop. The solution we created for this challenge was a Progressive Web Application (PWA) with support for multiple languages fed by their cloud hosted Content Management System (CMS), Optimizely. Offline support is handled through the browsers’ Service Worker, making the app useful regardless of the location. The Torquelator is Trusted Web Activity compatible which allowed us to make it available on Google Play as a “native app”. Since the app is included in Nord-Lock’s toolkit it is also available at the App Store.


The solution supports Nord-Lock’s customers and sales personnel to access and use an intuitive app. This has reduced the need for numerous Excel sheets and complex calculations which was required earlier. This was our very first collaboration with Nord-Lock, which has since proven to be a collaboration that has played an important part in shaping our methodology here at Kruso.

Nord-lock is a demanding customer. We want any partner not only to deliver what we ask for here and now, but to challenge us and make us do what is best long term. That in combination with high competence and an agile approach makes our partnership with Kruso so successful.

- Lars Christensson, Business Development Director, Nord-Lock Group.

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