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Local Govern­ment Denmark.

New digital platform for Local Government Denmark with focus on user-friendliness and enhanced information architecture.

Local Government Denmark is an interest organization for tall municipalities in Denmark, consisting of more than 400 employees. Together with the municipalities, Local Government Denmark works to strengthen the Danish municipal council and handles the municipalities’ common interests as their overall negotiation organization, knowledge center and forum for joint decisions.


Local Government Denmark needed a new digital platform that supported their content strategy. One main focus for the site was to ensure a user-friendly editors experience, as Local Government Denmark is a very content-heavy site. Thus, maintenance, structure and quality assurance of content was crucial. In addition to a new design, the platform should also be built around a stronger information architecture since the platform was the organizations primary communication channel towards their members. The new site is an important tool in the organisations daily work and communication strategy.

Solution and result

The new solution is built on Umbraco with several smart integrations. Among other things, we have made integration with Ubivox, Conference Manager and Local Government Denmark's employee database. Local Government Denmark has a very large news universe from which drives the largest part of traffic. We auto-migrated all news items from the old to the new site, where they automatically appear as related news based on a smart tagging system. Local Government Denmark's new site also contains a newsletter module, where we have made an engine that generates a personalized newsletter. These integrations and solutions have helped to create uniformity and an overview for the many editors. The new design was created by the creative agency Kontrapunkt, to which Kruso has added features such as anchor links and accordions, which contribute to the flow of the design. In addition to, a subsite - - has also been developed. The overall digital platform plays a key role for Local Government Denmark's role as a unifying entity for all Danish municipalities, by offering a wide range of information and inviting for collaboration.

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