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Lakrids by Bülow.

Lakrids by Bülow is a Danish business adventure with great success and global growth.

Johan Bülow sold his first high-end gourmet liquorices at Glastorvet in Svaneke in the summer of 2007. The year after, Lakrids by Bülow was founded and since then the success has spread from Denmark to most of the globe. Digital commerce plays a central role for Lakrids by Bülow. Over the last 3 years we have supported their global growth, increasing online revenue share from 5 to 33 pct. and conversion rate from 2,1 to 6,8 pct.

Digital growth

The growth potential for Lakrids by Bülow is still huge, even though they have taken very big steps in the last few years, not least digitally, which as a sales channel plays a larger and larger role in Lakrids by Bülow's future growth strategy.

However, digital is not new to Lakrids by Bülow, but in line with their growth, they quickly experienced significant challenges and limitations in their previous commerce setup. The platform was inefficient to operate and expensive and slow to further develop on. Furthermore, the platform lacked important functionality and stability.

In 2018, as our first task for Lakrids by Bülow, we carried out a technical re-platforming and revitalization of the user experience with the overall goal of creating a well-functioning global commerce platform with highest possible conversion rate, without compromising on brand experience.

Digital scaling

We solved this in less than 10 weeks. We had created a new platform consisting of Umbraco, Ucommerce, and Segment as the most central software elements. The platform is developed according to our best-of-breed tech strategy that ensures an open and modular architecture consisting of a number of loosely coupled services. This choice of tech strategy was made very consciously in the team enabling us to efficiently and scale the platform with Lakrids by Bülow's increasing commercial and technical needs.

It was indeed a smart technical choice because today, just two years after launch, online sales have grown explosively and Today forms a very central part of Lakrids by Bülow's overall revenue and future growth strategy. Consequently, this translates into new and even more complex requirements both commercially and technically for Lakrids by Bülow's upcoming commerce platform.

Convincing results and future proof

Instead of initiating many workarounds and customizations of the existing commerce engine, did we decide to future-proof the solution by fully exchanging the commerce engine with one of the market's absolutely most advanced and modern systems – the true headless commerce engine “Commercetools”. Even though this project is actually quite complex, we can get the job done fast and cost-efficient due to our microservice-based “best-of-breed” technical architecture, which allowed us to “only” replace the commerce engine while we continue improving and maturing the other parts of the existing stack.

We launched the commercetools platform in March 2021.

Segment was maintained as data hub and is an important technical driver in Lakrids by Bülow’s omnichannel sales and marketing strategy. Segment handles all critical integrations to Lakrids by Bülow’s other existing commerce data and marketing automation tools in an effortless and user-friendly way.

We run the platform together with Lakrids by Bülow's digital team in a true partnership, and we are incredibly proud of the results obtained together. Throughout 2020 we have succeeded in supporting and driving Lakrids by Bülow’s enormous digital growth with conversion rates way above market average, handling more than 4.000 orders a day in peak periods.


  1. Online revenue share

    Before: 5%

    Now: 33%

  2. Conversion rate

    Before: 2,1%

    Now: 6,8%

  3. Orders a day

    +4.000 in peak periods